The most significant thing about the food at The Zin House is where it comes from – simply, as close as possible. Our garden, our neighbours and other producers across the region.

The other thing we do differently to many restaurants is that we set the menu you will be eating.

Not degustation, but five or six courses balanced to give you the best possible showcase of what we do and where we live. It can be quite liberating to not worry about making ‘the right’ choices and just know you are in good hands!

Jackie Marr is the Zin house’s gardener and responsible for the evolution from a tiny overgrown corner patch of thistles to the extensive, highly productive and beautiful Potager that now wraps the restaurant.

The garden is heavily planted with herbs, salad greens with masses of seasonal additions. We get honey from our own hives (looked after by the fabulous Grahame), eggs from our hilarious hens and make constant raids on the property’s orchards.

There are more recent plantings of figs, feijoas, blood plums, quinces, blood oranges, lemons, limes and persimmons.

The garden and farm produce is our greatest joy, it underpins the whole ethos of the restaurant – authenticity, generosity and quality.

View this weeks menu:

Fri | Sat  five course set menu $95 per person, optional cheese course, optional $55/$65 wine matched flight

Fri | Sat | Sun
 five course set menu $95 per person, optional cheese course, optional $55/$65 wine matched flight

Monday ‘Open Kitchen Lunch’ three course menu $65 per person, optional $25 wine flight, optional garden walk 11.30am to 12.00noon.

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