About Zin


An abbreviation of Zinfandel – the grape variety Lowe Wines is most famous for and the vineyard Zin House overlooks.

From Dutch – desire . appetite . intent


The modern farmhouse restaurant takes in sweeping views of the certified organic/biodynamic Tinja property, nestled among classic Mudgee hillscapes and the vineyards of Lowe Wines.

The extensive kitchen gardens, orchards and grazing farmland welcome you on arrival and form the basis of the experience at Zin House. What we don’t grow ourselves we source from our neighbours and producers across the region.

The dining experience is also designed to reflect things we hold dear – taking time over good food and wine with those we care about, service that is warm and personable but not obtrusive, comforts with a little luxury and never ever having a time limit on your table.


The Philosophy

We produce food that tastes of where we live, not overly tricked up or played with and prepared from scratch using classic techniques. Wine is from the estate or by other producers whose quality and principles reflect our own. The dining experience is designed to allow you to relax and reconnect.

We are a set menu, set price restaurant and dining is predominantly communal. We believe in quality, generosity and authenticity.

We limit the times we’re open and the number of people we seat so we can concentrate on providing a focused and fresh dining experience and allow time to grow and harvest.

Zin House also supports other local growers and pay them properly for their products so they’ll still be here next week and next year.


The Garden

The garden is the centre of operations, a daily work in progress to plant, tend, grow, harvest and prepare an enormous selection of edible fruit, vegetables and herbs. This is all done organically, using permaculture principles and by the lunar calendar. We invite you to start your time with us in the garden or take a break during your meal and go for a wander.

You will also find us using all parts of the garden; a vegetarian version of nose to tail. This follows through in our waste free ethos – we compost on a large scale, farm worms, manage bees and of course run chooks.

Jackie Marr is the Zin House head gardener and responsible for the evolution from a tiny overgrown corner patch of thistles to the extensive, highly productive and beautiful potager that now wraps the restaurant.


The Place

On the edge of Mudgee seven kilometres from town, Zin House is situated on the ‘Tinja’ property – 1000 acres of certified organic and biodynamic farmland.

The historic Tinja property has been in the Lowe family since 1824 with the vineyards established by David Lowe and his father Keith in 1973. The house itself was designed by architect Susie Lockhead (who also designed the winery) and was built in 2006, becoming a restaurant in 2014.

Zin House is 100 metres past the Lowe winery and Cellar Door on Tinja lane.


The Chef, the Winemaker and the family

Kim Currie has championed NSW regional dining and food for more than three decades with produce and producers always the central focus. This included establishing Farmers Markets in Orange, Mudgee, Bathurst and Cowra along with a string of successful major regional events. Career acknowledgements include the Maggie Beer award for Outstanding Contribution to Australian Food, NSW Rural Woman of the Year and inclusion in the Sydney Morning Herald Food Hall of Fame.

Kim is married to CEO and chief winemaker of Lowe Wines, David Lowe. David and son Alexander oversee the wine selection and cellar of the restaurant, including a wide range of wines from other leading regional producers and museum stock.

Alexander is also the restaurant sommelier whilst Sam and Alec Currie are chefs who contribute between ski seasons and markets. Bronte Currie oversees communications from usually far flung places and Clancy Currie runs Angus cattle on the farm, supplying the restaurants beef and the occasional emergency electrical services.


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