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The Colour Persimmon

I’m fixated by persimmons, I even see the colour everywhere in The Zin House;  I’ve sliced them on platters, roasted them with pork belly and last week pickled them to serve with a blue cheddar from High Valley. All while providing snacks for parrots (upper branches) and Louie (lower branches). To roast them I simply cooked them alongside the pork belly and deglazed with Lowe Headstone Rose, verjuice would be yum too. Louie with fruitcheeseboard 3 Perhaps best of all they just look spectacular. I’d guess one tree has provided over 500 persimmons over the last couple of months. persimmon view pork belly with persimmon We have to talk many people into eating them as the reputation is of the old fashioned variety (astringent) which needs to be almost rotten to be palatable. This modern variety (non-astringent) is edible at all stages and just gets more flavour as they become riper. Beautiful, versatile in the kitchen, fruiting over a long period, good shelf life – find a spot to grow one. I know quite a big spot David Lowe….

Pickled Persimmons

About 2 kg persimmons, sliced several cloves of garlic 3 or 4 small onions, quartered a couple of limes or lemons, roughly sliced 500ml white wine 500mls apple cider vinegar 750grams sugar 50 grams pickling spice 20 grams peppercorns a few chillis bay leaves salt to taste Combine all but the persimmons together in a pot and bring to the boil. Add the persimmons and simmer gently for half an hour or so. If you want to intensify the liquor flavour strain it from the solids and reduce until you’re happy with the balance. Refrigerate in the poaching liquid. Serve with cheese or as an accompaniment to cold meats or charcuterie. Awesome as a side with roast pork belly.