Changes in the House

What is it with all the ‘re’ words around rest, relaxation and renewal?

Refresh, revive, review, rethink, refuel…

I think my favourite is restore, I like the connotations with replenishing the cupboards. 

Recently I decided that my cupboards were a little bare, 40 years cooking and five years at Zin required more than a couple of weeks to find my culinary bearings again.

So I have decided to take a six month sabbatical. I do not do this lightly, and I do so with the utmost respect and appreciation for what our support base has allowed us to achieve.

I have new projects to work on, some food destinations to visit, food to eat, recipes to test and stories to write.

The facts:

  • Our last service at Zin House will be Sunday December 30th.
  • After this Zin House will open as a ‘pop up’ dinner last Saturday of the month and other dates may be announced.
  • We will still be taking function and private group bookings during this time and of course honouring any existing group bookings.
  • Jackie is staying on as our gardener and the food gardens will be maintained
  • We will be providing the food for Tapas at Lowe Wines every Friday night in January, February and March.
  • A wedding marquee venue will be available for forward bookings
  • Gift vouchers can be used between now and the end of the year or used at one of our ‘pop ups’. Dates will also be extended so they can be used later next year.

What about all my lovely staff? Ingrid has a new job in Sydney, Alexander will be off traveling, Thomas the French chef is moving to NZ with his twin brother, Celica our pastry chef has a number of local job offers to consider as does Joe. Nelson will be helping Renee and I with other projects.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions, 6372 1660 or

I plan to reopen – restored and restocked, on the first week in July 2019. Hope to see you then.




  1. Storm Dwyer

    What a fabulous idea Kim. Take time for you, it’s important, so very important. Travel sounds wonderful. Spend time in your garden & get to know your plants again. I hope to see your lovely smiling face when our paths will undoubtably cross again soon xxx

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