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Changes in the House

What is it with all the ‘re’ words around rest, relaxation and renewal?

Refresh, revive, review, rethink, refuel…

I think my favourite is restore, I like the connotations with replenishing the cupboards. 

Recently I decided that my cupboards were a little bare, 40 years cooking and five years at Zin required more than a couple of weeks to find my culinary bearings again.

So I have decided to take a six month sabbatical. I do not do this lightly, and I do so with the utmost respect and appreciation for what our support base has allowed us to achieve.

I have new projects to work on, some food destinations to visit, food to eat, recipes to test and stories to write.

The facts:

What about all my lovely staff? Ingrid has a new job in Sydney, Alexander will be off traveling, Thomas the French chef is moving to NZ with his twin brother, Celica our pastry chef has a number of local job offers to consider as does Joe. Nelson will be helping Renee and I with other projects.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions, 6372 1660 or eat@zinhouse.com.au

I plan to reopen – restored and restocked, on the first week in July 2019. Hope to see you then.