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KISS – A Restaurateurs Rant

Is simplicity the hardest thing to get right?

In a world of overblown, overdone, over the top food is it quite misunderstood?

Is the celebration of technique over flavour, played out nightly on our TV screens, leading to food played with half to death over lightness of touch.

Is drama and difficulty elevated beyond the quietly spoken dish?

Is food narcissism at a point where nobody notices the workhorses over the show ponies? Rather than quietly stating your dish does everything have to be a cavalcade of mastery?

And perhaps most frustratingly for those of us providing a food experience – must we now put up with food snobs, bores and ignoramuses reviewing us as if they knew what they were talking about?

I will cop an average review along with anyone else where it is warranted. I will apologise publicly or privately as the occasion may warrant it if anything we do in the restaurant fails to meet your or my high expectations.

I will listen with genuine interest to your opinions, ideas, thoughts and feedback.

But I’m just a bit fed up with ignorance and malice masquerading as opinion on public review sites.

We claim only that we cook simply, cook from scratch and cook local.

We proudly open our beautiful restaurant every weekend with love in our hearts and in our food.


It’s such a bore when someone can graze on freshly baked bread; just picked salads; the highest quality fresh local ingredients; soups, stocks and sauces made from scratch and then complain that our food lacks ‘technique’, that our menus ‘need work’ and that they could do the same at home,

Great! Next time, you do that, and save the seat at our restaurant for those who want some unpretentious homecooking in someone else’s home.

Everyones happy then 🙂


Cauliflower, leek and potato soup

I promised someone who dined with us last week to post the recipe for the soup that (almost) everyone raved about.

Saute the following with two tablespoons each of butter and good olive oil:

One cauliflower, roughly chopped

two leeks, sliced and cleaned

250 grams potatoes, roughly chopped

a few cloves garlic

a few bay leaves, a couple of sprigs of thyme & one of rosemary

1 lime, halved

1 or two chillis

Then add enough good quality stock to cover and cook gently until soft, about twenty minutes

Remove the herbs and puree everything else, including the lime

Season to taste with good salt and a mixture of ground white pepper and coarse black pepper

Just before serving heat with the best quality cream you can find ( we use Little Big Dairy Company) , about one 25% to volume or to suit your taste