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Tesla comes to Zin

As usual, things at Zin are happening as quickly as the Spring garden grows. A few quick updates:

Tesla have installed two charging stations at the restaurant – you can charge up at no charge and enjoy recharging yourself all at once.

All you need is one of these super high performance new age machines. Ours isn’t quite in the post yet, but if yours is you’re very welcome to use the facility. I think we’re the only one in the west, part of Tesla’s innovative¬†‘destination charging program’.

Classic Album night is next Thursday October 20th, Matt Arthur perform Eric Clapton ‘Unplugged’. The usual $75pp for three courses and the show. Lovely nights that make us all smile.


Early warning for NYE planning – a three piece band will play lively, familiar, dancing music on the lawn at Zin. Tix are $38 so you can bring a crowd, and we’re putting on a bus.

Last new news is that we will be taking over operations of the old Craigmoor restaurant at Robert Oatley. The new year will see an Artisan bakery and expanded live music options along with other yummy provisions at cellar door.

There’s more, but I’ll save it for the next update.

Happy spring.