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There’s a restaurant in there?

It has been suggested, in less than subtle terminology, that in this blog I talk too much about the garden and neglect what The Zin House is doing as a restaurant.

There are people who work here – waiting, cooking, cleaning, marketing etc, who want me to remember that we are actually a restaurant.

I could remind them that like the grapes that make the wine great, good food starts in the garden. I could just eat all the raspberries without sharing. But just to prove I can be compliant (and because they’re right), here is the lowedown of the highlights:

farm forage final art for facebook

pink pepper


And back in the garden…. 🙂

We’re harvesting hundreds of kilos of tomatoes and doing things like this with them:

semi tomatoes

Semi Dried Tomatoes

Halve the tomatoes and lay flat (cut surface up) on baking trays lined with baking paper. Sprinkle with a mixture equal parts salt flakes and castor sugar. Sprinkle some thyme sprigs over, cracked pepper and drizzle with a little olive oil. Add some sliced garlic if you like.

If using bigger tomatoes cut them in slices about 10mm thick.

Dry in an oven at 70 degrees celcius for about 12 hours or until dried to your liking. Alternatively dry in hot sun over a couple of days.

Store with good extra virgin olive oil to help them keep for several weeks.